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    The Rideau Canal is a Site, while the Welland Canal is an Event.

    Screenupdating false not working

    Text) On Error Go To 0 Next Excel Row Next word Col End With Next Table No End If End With Set wd Doc = Nothing End Sub Sub Select_File_Or_Files_Mac() '''''' Code for Mac Dim My Path As String Dim My Script As String Dim My Files As String Dim My Split As Variant Dim N As Long Dim Fname As String Dim mybook As Workbook '''''''''''''' Variables from PC code ''''' Application. Enable Events = False Dim s Dim i As Long Dim Myrow As Long Dim Clrow As Long Dim c As Variant Dim Mcat As String '' Main Catagory Dim Scat As String '' Sub Catagory Dim Ncat As String Dim Rws As Worksheet Dim Cvsws As Worksheet Dim Pwb As Workbook Dim Cvwb As Workbook '''''''''''''''''''' Dim ww As String ww = This Workbook.Open(My Split(N)) On Error Go To 0 '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''' Msg Box "Mac code ''''" ''''''''''''''''''''''''' If Not mybook Is Nothing Then Msg Box "You open this file : " & My Split(N) & vb New Line & _ "And after you press OK it will be closed" & vb New Line & _ "without saving, replace this line with your own code." mybook.

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    I am curious because this appears to me as a good way to explain [email protected]: Thanks for your explanations.Close Save Changes:=False End If Else Msg Box "We skipped this file : " & My Split(N) & " because it Is already open." End If Next N With Application . Enable Events = True End With End If End Sub Function b Is Book Open(By Ref sz Book Name As String) As Boolean ' Contributed by Rob Bovey On Error Resume Next b Is Book Open = Not (Application. The truth is that I've tried those ones at the website you directed me to but none worked!Workbooks(sz Book Name) Is Nothing) End Function See: But someone has helped me with some codes and I want to test it to see how it will work now.Screen Updating = False On Error Resume Next If Target. Screen Updating = True End Sub Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() On Error Resume Next Sheets(Active Cell. Note: Theses codes are only applied to the sheet names which match your hyperlink text.

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